Zimbabwe beat Bangladesh in ODI for first time since 2013

Zimbabwe beat Bangladesh in a one-day international match for the first time in over nine years with one of their greatest comebacks.

Bangladesh was introduced to the racket first and scored 303-2 at Harare Sports Club. Zimbabwe responded with 307-5 and 10 balls to hold, achieving their third biggest chase. Zimbabwe lost their opening match in their first two matches and were 62-3, but Innocent Kaya and Sikander Raza both scored centuries – achieved at the same time – to lead their team to victory in their first match out of three ODIs.

Even after losing 19 direct caps to Bangladesh, the victory was not surprising. Zimbabwe won the previous T20 series 2-1, their first against a full ICC member.

Kaya, who is playing for the fourth time in the ODI, accidentally ran out Wesley Madevir while trying for a second song, dropping Zimbabwe to 62-3 in the 14th round, but Reza, in his 115th match, proceeded to repair the damage and counterattack.

Kaia was dropped at 68 and 74 at the same time, reaching his first 100 out of 115 balls. After two balls, Raza has the fourth hundred from 81 balls, and he is the third fastest player in Zimbabwe. This was only the second time that two Zimbabwean batsmen had scored horns in the same international development match. The last time was in 2004.

Reda said: “Innocent was great there. At one point I thought we were a little behind in the match so all I was trying to focus on was supporting him and telling him that if we stayed here we would win this match together, to try to calm him down and try to encourage him to play good cricket shots.”

The impressive partnership ended at 254-4 when Kaya tried to push Mossadeq Hussain across the goal line and beat a short leg. His 110 balls out of 122 included 11 limits and sixties, and Zimbabwe’s goal was primarily to run with the ball.

Raza finished the match by drawing Mosaddeq’s batch against six people from the middle. Reda was 135 from 109 balls. He hit eight limits and six. Bangladesh runs looked the winner of the match.

The top four batsmen of the 1950s scored in one round for the first time in eight years. But they fought relatively conservatively considering all the gates at hand. There have only been two limits in the last three times. Captain and opener Tamim Iqbal, the only Bangladeshi batsman with over 7000 ODI runs, passed 8000 and then quickly knocked out 62.

Leighton Das retired injured on 81 of 89 balls when he pulled his hamstring while running one. He was left out from the rest of the series and could be sidelined for a month, putting his prospects in the Asian Cup in doubt.

But Anaam Al-Haq was caught in the rear for 73 out of 62, and Mushfiq Rahim came in 52nd and not 49th, and the second international matches are on Sunday.

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