Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Harsh’s apology to Manjari shocks everyone

In the latest issue of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, in a surprising turn of events, Harshavardhan shows a change of heart by apologizing amid increasing pressure from the media. Have they really changed or is this just another gimmick to save the hospital’s reputation? Read this entire article to know. Also Read: Yeh Rishta Ka Kehlata Hai Written Update June 8: Akshara gets into trouble as Abhimanyu blames her for Neil’s situation

Neil refuses to go back

After Neal’s disappearance, the Birla family’s hardship rises. Soon, the climber searches for Neal but that only adds to the literal problem. She rushes to meet Neil without telling anyone and now, she has to pay for her wrongdoing. When Abhimanyu and Mahima came to Goenka’s residence to fetch Neil, they scolded Akshara for not telling anyone. Character tries not to explain but he refuses to listen to her. The golden one calms everyone but the tensions continue to boil.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu tries to persuade Neil to return home but Neil does not listen to any of his appeals. Finally, he requests the Goenkas to take care of him until he calms down. Back home, Mahima, Abhimanyu and Chakra witness to a group of mediamen waiting outside their house. They somehow manage to escape them and enter the house but they know it’s not Lam. What happens when the truth of Neil’s father comes out?

Abhimanyu confronts the media

Manjari becomes more and more worried after learning that Neil is not coming back with Abhimanyu. Harshavardhan and Anand are worried by the increasing pressure from the media. Ananda gave an idea to Harshani. On this, Harsha goes to Manjari and apologizes for his wrongdoing. Abhimanyu and Manjari are shocked to see Harsha apologize for his actions. He is a man who never cares how his actions affect his wife, and now he is apologizing for his mistakes.

His apology means nothing to Abhimanyu. They are convinced that this is another gimmick to save the hospital. Harsha’s apology prompts him to go before the media instead of calming him down. He tells media representatives the fact that Neil Harshavardhan is his son. Harsha is frustrated by the failure of his project.

As everyone calms down, Akshara tries to regain Abhimanyu’s love but fails miserably. Will Abhimanyu ever forgive her? Stay tuned for updates from the upcoming issue to find out!

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