WWE removes Sasha Banks sign on SmackDown, rumours of her release gather pace

After Sasha Banks and Naomi staged a WWE exit during the May 16 issue of “Raw,” they were later handed indefinitely without pay. Noting that they “didn’t get enough respect as tag team champions”, the duo reportedly claimed that they didn’t feel comfortable with the two WWE Superstars who were supposed to share the ring that day.

Subsequently, WWE issued a statement to Wrestling Inc. It condemns Naomi and Banks for their decision to leave. Even the WWE commentary team called out both stars by calling their actions extremely unprofessional.

Since then, WWE has continued to remove references to Sasha and Naomi from various parts – they were removed from the WWE introduction video and now WWE is editing fan banners with their names written on them. The latest incident on SmackDown’s live tapings came this week in which a fan was seen holding a Sasha Banks banner which was later edited by WWE.

In between all these turmoil, the news of Sasha Banks’ release from WWE is circulating all over the internet. However, there has been no official confirmation from WWE yet.

However, according to Wrestling inc’s Raj Jerry, the news is definitely true and many WWE wrestlers are now talking candidly about the release of Sasha Banks.

Although Raj Jerry has always been aware of his reports, whether or not his reports are true can only be confirmed after official confirmation from WWE management itself.

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