Work from home allowed for maximum one year in special economic zone: Commerce Ministry

The Commerce Department said Tuesday that work from home (WFH) is allowed for a maximum of one year in a special economic zone unit and can be extended to 50 percent of total employees.

The Department of Commerce notified the new Rule 43A of WFH in Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006.

The ministry said the notification was issued at the request of the industry to establish a provision for a uniform nationwide WFH policy across all Special Economic Zones (SEZs).

The new rule provides work from home for a certain category of unit employees in the special economic zone.

These include employees of the IT/ITeS SEZ units; temporarily incapacitated employees; She added that employees who travel and work off-site.

She added that WFH may be extended to a maximum of 50 percent of the total staffing, including contractual staff of the unit.

He also mentioned that there is flexibility given to the Commissioner for Development (DC) of SEZs to approve more staff (more than 50 percent) for any good reason to be recorded in writing.

“Working from home is now permitted for a maximum period of one year. However, it may be extended for one year at a time by DC at the request of the units,” the department said.

It added that for SEZ units whose employees are already working from home, the notification provided a 90-day transition period for approval.

“Special economic units will provide equipment and secure communication for the purpose of WFH to perform authorized operations of the units and permission to take out the equipment is a joint end with the permission granted to the employee,” the department said.

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