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Becoming a parent is one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. It is such a special moment for parents to hold their newborn baby in their arms for the first time. Parents want to record moments after their babies are born because it is cherished memories. This video was posted on Instagram showing a woman singing a happy birthday to her newborn son.

The video was posted on Instagram account stephanie.booe on May 31st. It has garnered 2.8 million views so far. “Just a reminder: don’t forget to sing birthday wishes to your little ones after they are born,” the text is included in the video. The video shows the mother singing a happy birthday to her son while the baby is lying on his chest. The child’s father sits beside them and watches them closely.

“The most tired vocal of the birthday greetings you’ll ever hear or see, but oh my goodness I finally got to say how much I loved to hold Graham + wish him a happy birthday. After 16 hours of hard work, they were finally with us, they were so good in my arms. I remember this moment just like you – I was on Cloud 9. Now we’re here two months later – he’s lying on my chest, but a little bigger, a little stronger. My, how time flies. But as a reminder – if you have the chance, sing a happy birthday to them, if there is anyone, ask them to take a video. It is a memory you never want to forget, that you want to watch forever, ”the video’s detailed caption reads.

Watch the video below:

“The first thing I told them when both my babies were born was Happy Birthday,” the Instagram user commented. “I think he was not crying, his mother’s singing in his own childlike way,” another wrote. “This is precious, his little cry,” said the third. “My surgeon sang Happy Birthday to our son and they gave birth to him and this is my favorite memory,” reads another comment.

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