Woman, mother threatened for raising complaint on Chennai corporation’s mobile app

A woman and her mother were threatened by workers of Greater Chennai Corporation on Sunday for registering a complaint on the civil authority’s ‘Nama Chennai’ mobile application.

Dr. Preethi Ramados, a PhD researcher widely recognized for her initiative to create biodegradable, plastic-free sanitary pads, took to Twitter to highlight the harassment of her family. A Mogalevakam resident in Chennai said a group of ten workers, allegedly belonging to the Greater Chennai Corporation, visited her mother’s house on Sunday morning and Monday threatened not to file any complaint online.

Speaking to indianexpress.com, Dr. Ramados, who has been residing in the area for more than three decades, said that she has not encountered any harassment from employees of the company until recently.

“This has only started happening recently. Earlier in February, I registered a complaint online about the danger of mosquitoes in dormitory (156). The workers had not done any mosquito control activities for more than three years and I could not stand near our garden even for a few minutes. So I raised this problem online.One day later, a worker came and asked me the reason for registering a complaint online and asked me to report it personally.He also asked me to put mosquito nets if I wanted to avoid this danger.

Dr. Ramados added that a group of 10 people dressed in blue arrived Sunday morning at her mother’s home in the same area and threatened to ask her why she had filed a complaint online.

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“On Saturday, my mother filed a complaint on the Namma Chennai app about the gross violation by a school located behind our residence. The school smashed rainwater sewers on the road and inserted a long pipe to carry sewage from their buildings. On Sunday morning, when I was at home My mother, the gang came and asked what our problem was if the school had damaged the rainwater drain.”

In response to the allegations, S. Bhaskaran, the 12th district officer, said they are investigating the matter. “The complainant said that about ten officers in blue shirts threatened her, and our team is not in blue. We are inquiring if any of the personnel attached to the water supply and sanitation panel visited their residence. We have sent personnel from our side to the concerned ward to investigate the incident.” .

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