With 20 dog bite cases a day, P’kula on edge

Panchkula is witnessing an outbreak of this type of dog. With mercury going through the roof, the number of dog bite cases in town is rising at an alarming pace.

Dr. Santosh Jain, the regional rabies streptococcal officer, says he sees approximately 20 cases of dog bites per day in the city. These are the official numbers, the actual numbers may be higher.

Panchkula Citizens Welfare Association President SK Nayar regrets that not a day goes by without some horrific cases of dog bites. These cases have prompted Panchkula MC to issue a mobile helpline (9876252622) for the general public to report any aggressive street dogs.

The year started with 561 cases of dog bites in January, dropped to 342 in March before dropping to 302 in April. But come May, the numbers are climbing.

According to data provided by the Department of Animal Husbandry, the number of street dogs in the city has exceeded 6000 and is growing at a very fast pace.

The sharp rise in the number of dog bite cases has prompted the civil authority to issue new directives to the NGO Bezubaan Sanstha to sterilize 500 street dogs each month.

While urging residents to use the helpline, an MC official said upon receiving the complaint, a team of dog hunters will arrive on the scene and pick up the dog and take it to the sterilization center at the dog center in Sukhdarshnpur Village. After five to six days of spaying, the team will release the dog in the same place it was caught because it is illegal to keep a dog at the pound according to guidelines from the National Animal Welfare Board.

Dr Mukta Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, Civil Hospital, Sector 6, said authorities are aware of dog bite cases and there is no shortage of rabies vaccines in the hospital. “The full course of vaccination is being given to those in need in the hospital. Earlier, there was a slight disruption in the supply chain but now it is back on the right track.”

The sterilization drive at the Sukhdarshanpur kennel center resumed in March after Bezubaan Sanstha ceased operations due to a lack of basic facilities at the centre.

Since this campaign resumed in March, the NGO has sterilized 765 dogs as of May 15.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Shaurya Galutra, the NGO’s president, said, “Our team is currently neutering eight to 10 dogs per day due to the lack of facilities at the centre. The basic infrastructure issues referred to in the House meeting are being rectified by the MC. We hope to Accelerate its pace in the coming days to exceed the MC’s monthly goal of neutering 500 mutants.”

The private agency was instructed to send pictures of all of these dogs to MC officials as well as have their ears cut for identification.

Nayyar lamented that the sterilization center in Sukhdarshanpur, which was touted as a permanent solution to the stray dog ​​threat, turned out to be lost hundreds of times. “We must draw up a comprehensive plan by recruiting more NGOs to increase the pace of sterilization.”

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