Wimbledon’s Russia ban prompts tours to cut ranking points

The women’s and men’s professional tennis tours will not award Wimbledon classification points this year due to the All England Club’s ban on players from Russia and Belarus over the invasion of Ukraine, an unprecedented move that represents a major rebuke to the sport’s oldest Grand Slam tournament. Competition.

The WTA and the ATP announced their decisions Friday night, two days before the French Open begins – and just over a month before play begins at Wimbledon on June 27.

In a technical sense, this makes the event fair, because there are no rating points at stake. However, Wimbledon still, with its traditions and prestige, from grass underfoot to all-white clothing, from the Royal Box to strawberries and cream, not to mention millions of dollars in prize money, so the expectation is that everyone eligible to enter will do so.

Russian athletes have been banned from competing in several sports, including FIFA World Cup qualifiers, since the country began attacking Ukraine in February. Belarus assisted Russia in the invasion.

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The All England Club said in April it would not allow Russians or Belarusians to compete, prompting immediate criticism from the WTA and WTA players, such as defending champion Novak Djokovic. It will take watching how this whole episode affects the relationships between the different entities that have a say in the way tennis is run.

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