Will resign if govt unable to move on: UK PM amid crisis after resignation of Cabinet ministers

Amid a deepening crisis for the UK’s Conservative government with the resignation of top government ministers, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday that “if he feels it is impossible for the government to continue, he will resign”.

“My job is to keep going,” he added.

Speaking in Parliament a day after Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid announced their resignations, saying they could no longer trust the leadership of the embattled prime minister, Johnson said the elected government “should not withdraw during a crisis” and added that his government would. continue to fulfill its mandate.”

The British Prime Minister said: “We have a plan and we are going to implement it.”

When asked why he was promoted to a Conservative MP after complaints of sexual misconduct against him, Johnson said he abhors bullying and the abuse of power. “I abhor bullying and the abuse of power anywhere, in this or any other party,” Johnson told Parliament.

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