Will reply to Uddhav Thackeray’s letter removing Eknath Shinde from post of Shiv Sena leader: Deepak Kesarkar

“We said we would not answer any questions asked about Udhavji’s remarks. We still have great respect for him. The letter that Shendi Sahib received yesterday was written in legal language which should be answered in legal language and we will do so. When a leader is elected and sworn in as prime minister, he becomes Leader of the House of Representatives.By removing him (from the party) they should consider whether this is an insult to the people of Maharashtra.The language in which Shinde received the speech, we will surely respond to,” said Kasirkar, a legislator from Sawantawadi.

Shinde arrived at the Taj Resort and Convention Center in Dona Paula around 4 a.m. Saturday and had a meeting with the rebel MLAs at the hotel around 11 a.m. He had said the MLAs would return to Mumbai on Saturday.

Kesarkar said a meeting between the BJP MLAs and the splinter faction of Shiv Sena MLAs for better coordination is scheduled in Mumbai on Saturday evening.

“When we have to rule together, we must have coordination. We cannot speak the language of wanderlust and our resignations in our pockets. We have worked together for almost 25 years, BJP leaders and Shiv Sena campaigning for each other. It is like family. The only concern It is to be the head of his family abroad.In the future if this concern is allayed, we will be happy,” Kasrekar said.

He said Shiv Senek of Maharashtra was asked to provide an affidavit pledging allegiance to the party. “There is no such law in India. India is a democracy. A person who is a member of one political party is free to leave it and join another party. When are you barred from joining another party? When you are an MLA or a Member of Parliament. Then you are Need a two-thirds majority But you can’t bind someone with an affidavit. This is an insult to democracy. Unaccompanied has tied everyone to his love. With Shiv Pandan – This thread is on my wrist. This is the thread of love, loyalty and Hindutva that binds us together. No one can take it off my wrist “.

“This is not a dictatorship,” said Kesarkar, adding that “these certificates in stamp font of Rs 100 would generate a lot of revenue for Maharashtra, but would not have legal standing.”

He reiterated that no decision has been taken on the ministerial portfolios in the Maharashtra government. First the president of the council will be appointed, then there will be a proposal with confidence in favor of the government. Then Shend sits with our delegation together. Delhi has leaders like Modiji, Amit Shahji, and Nadaji. “The appointment of the government is not that simple,” Kasrekar said.

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