Will not expel Bishnoi, he should resign from House, says Hooda

Senior leader Bwinder Singh Hooda said on Tuesday that the Congress would not expel Kuldeep Bishnoi from the party despite his open rebellion, adding that the Adampur group had to take moral responsibility and resign from the Vidhan Sabha.

I will not expel him. Morally, he has to resign from the council. “If the Bypool is conducted in his Adampur constituency, the Congress will run,” Hooda said.

The former prime minister was responding to media inquiries about Bishnoi, who backed the Rajya Sabha elections last month, stating that he backed NDA candidate Drupadi Murmo instead of Yashwant Sinha of the opposition, in Monday’s presidential election. “As in the Rajya Sabha, I cast my vote in this election also according to my conscience,” Bishnoi told reporters in Delhi after casting his vote in Parliament.

The 53-year-old Bishnoi, who recently met Federal Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP Chairman JP Nada, said he would “reveal soon” his future course of action.

“Congress is no longer the party it was under Indira Ji or Rajiv ji,” he said, claiming that ordinary and even senior workers “do not get that respect in Congress now.” He said congressional leaders, with whom he has personal relationships, keep telling him he shouldn’t leave the party.

Bishnoi, a four-time MLA member and two-time MP, has been sulking since Congress snubbed him for the post of Haryana unit chief during a revamp earlier this year. The Congress had earlier removed Bishnoi from all positions, including as a special invitee to the Congress Working Committee (CWC), to vote reciprocally in the June 10 Rajya Sabha elections in favor of BJP-backed independent candidate and JJP Kartikeya Sharma in place of the party. Candidate Ajay McCain.

Sources said that if Congress expels Bishnoi, he can continue to serve as an MLA, which is not what the party wants. Meanwhile, the BJP expects Bishnoi to join the party soon.

Hooda said Bishnoi’s entry would not benefit the BJP and his exit would not cause any harm to the Congress.

In a congressional vote in Rajya Sabha polls declared invalid, Hooda said he stayed away from the technical practice of the voting process. He said that Ajay Makin, having conducted his own investigation, came to the conclusion that Kiran Choudary’s vote was declared invalid.

On Monday, McCain moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court, defying Kartikeya Sharma’s victory in the Republika Srpska elections.

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