Will be ‘doubly careful’, strengthen aircraft inspection before flights: SpiceJet CMD

The airline’s CMD Ajay Singh said Wednesday that SpiceJet will now be “doubly vigilant” and will strengthen inspections of aircraft before they depart for flights.

flight regulator The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued a Notice of Reason for SpiceJet Wednesday after eight technical failures of the company’s aircraft in the last 18 days.

“We will work with them (the DGCA) to make sure that if they feel there are any vulnerabilities at all in our system, we will address them. Nothing is more important than safety,” Singh told PTI in an interview.

He said that none of the accidents that occurred in the past few weeks had anything to do with the lack of spare parts.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), in its Offer Notice, mentioned the September 2021 financial audit of SpiceJet under which the airline does not regularly pay component suppliers, and this has resulted in a shortage of spare parts.

“A lot of these reported incidents are relatively minor in nature and happen to every airline. This is nothing unique.

And he said that when you have thousands of flights, sometimes the air conditioner fails, sometimes a bird hits the plane, and sometimes the fuel indicator lights up.

These things are going to happen, and of course we have to reduce that as much as possible. That’s our job and it’s the regulator’s job to push us to make things better, which we’re going to do.”

When asked about the changes SpiceJet will now make to address safety concerns, he said, “We have to be doubly vigilant. We will strictly check planes when they leave on a flight, which we are already doing, but we will strengthen inspections.”

He said SpiceJet asked the DGCA to take a look at the airline’s business because its operations have been audited several times by the regulator, and in the 15 years that SpiceJet has flown, nothing significant has actually happened on its planes.

In its notice of offer to SpiceJet, the DGCA said the airline had failed to “establish safe, efficient and reliable air services” under the provisions of Rule 134 and Schedule XI of the Aircraft Rules, 1937.

On Tuesday, the airline’s flight between Delhi and Dubai to Karachi was diverted due to a faulty fuel indicator, and its Kandla flight to Mumbai priority landing in the Maharashtra state capital after cracks occurred in the middle of the windshield air.

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