Why Ranveer Singh’s nudes are anything but erotic

Actor Ranveer Singh’s nudes have been the subject of public debate and national interest in India since their debut paper magazine Last month. FIR v the actor He claims to hurt women’s feelings and insult their modesty through his pictures. A lawyer said the young girls in her family have been advised not to call Social media.

In this world of easy binaries, we believe that female nudity caters to the male audience and thus, Singh’s nudes are definitely for women, whether to provoke their anger or offend them. Some say Singh’s nudes are for female look And how he allowed himself to be the object of feminine desire. But the process of looking, which unfortunately has become a sexual process, is less clear than that. Our conversation about nudity is so entrenched in controlling sexuality that we forget that nudity may have nothing to do with sex.

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Since the nude, Singh has been compared to a Greek god (a stature that was previously Hrithik Roshan). Actor Huma Qureshi praised him as “Adonis”, the most beautiful youth in Greek mythology. Given his physique and swan-like grace in the photo session, the association with ancient Greek sculptures is very easy.

The ancient Greeks celebrated the masculine body as the height of discipline. It is rumored that the competition is naked in the Olympics It started when an athlete finished first in the race after losing his apron. This harder, better, faster, and stronger victory resulted in openly acceptable nudity in Greek societies. Nudist athletes, heroes, and deities in sculpture, such as the Discobolus of Myron or Artemision Bronze, intentionally wore small penises because sexual desire was seen as a hindrance to personal cultivation. On the other hand, mythical satyrs were often distinguished by massive bows, to indicate intellectual deprivation and their brutal nature.

This organization of the sexual body in ancient times Greece It is ironic because male athletes have a culture of homosexuality and homosexuality among them. Not everyone endorsed these sexual behaviors, including Plato, and only pedophilia was widely accepted as part of gym training (the word gymnasium, for that matter, has its roots in the Greek word meaning naked). In Singh, the gym brothers may have just found their latest #goals on social media.

So nudity can exist as different from erotica. It can inspire and not excite. This aspect is attributed to Singh’s nudes, which come largely as formal studies of masculine physique. His attitudes make him seem more like a counter-model to a Renaissance master than a sensual inspiration to a secret admirer.

To be fair, in a few shots, Singh is laid out on a rug, as one might expect a sweetheart to be. He follows in the footsteps of actor Burt Reynolds, who nude is the first ever male center in 1972 (big Bedi and Akshay Kumar did something similar but not without underwear).

Male gaze, among other things, is based on the idea of ​​gratification. If the viewer desires the female body, he or she has full access to it, whether it be in the form of a painting, movie, or novel. It is the idea behind the odalisque – orientalist problematic and anti-women nudes painted by male artists, once considered the highest achievement of female beauty But they were actually receptacles of the male imagination. Odialis usually appear disorganized, lying in bed, charged with sexual arousal. The main message is that it invites a male viewer to host it.

Artist Richard Hamilton He once said, “It’s the Playboy ‘Playmate of the Month’ pin pull tool that provides us with the closest contemporary equivalent to the great in drawing.” The situation was so bad that in 1989, the Guerrilla Girls used a popular book to ask, “Do women have to undress to get into a museum of the dead?”

Naked Singh hardly flips these gender roles. It does not look like relaxation but it is like a recumbent study of the male form. He lacks the ease and convenience of Reynolds and always seems to be in charge. He is fully aware of his beauty. The element of surrender is involved in the erotic, and there is none here.

It is a repetition of what nudity could have been. Getting rid of your clothes doesn’t mean you’re weak and being naked doesn’t mean you’re naked.

It is worth asking if Singh’s nudes added any dimension to his public persona. The actor is distinguished by his eccentric style, complete disregard for gender norms or compatible patterns. If we can have a more mature conversation about nudity than the one we currently have, we can tell that Singh never set out to break down barriers between gender or the male gaze through this photo session. Nudity is another dress that he wears, in his constant and deliberate attempt to surprise and provoke.

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