Why Birds Don’t Get Electric Shock Despite Sitting on High-Voltage Wire

You must have seen many birds sitting on the electric wires, and at the same time, you must also be wondering why they don’t get electric shocks, right?

Our eyes tend to watch every action that happens around us, but our brain never feels like it finds the logic behind that particular thing. Let’s find out why the fences do not receive an electric shock.

We see a group of birds chilling on the wire comfortably but the current never hits them. To fully understand this, you must first understand the law of the flow of electricity. A wire that transfers electricity from one place to another.

For this, copper is used to ensure a smooth flow of energy. It is reported that there are cells and tissues in the bodies of birds that cause resistance to copper wires and disrupt the flow of electricity.

Indeed, birds are not exposed to electric shocks from the wire even after sitting on it. However, if the birds touch the ground while touching the wire, it will cause an electrical circuit and the birds will receive shocks. The same thing happens with humans, too. If the human body is in contact with the ground, only then we are subjected to electric shocks. This occurs due to the completion of the circuit.

According to conservationists, the situation has worsened with Kenya modernizing its power grid, replacing wooden poles with reinforced steel conductive concrete and winding improperly insulated electrical wires between them.

This, along with the lack of deterrent signs along the wires, is already threatening Kenya’s raptor species. Many died from the shock, either by direct collisions with power lines or from dead bodies.

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