Who is Jaggi Johal?

A letter from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Labor leader and Member of Parliament Keir Starmer has revealed that he believes British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal, alias Jaji Johal, has been murdered. ‘Arbitrarily Detained’ in India. The British Prime Minister also raised the issue of Jaji Johal with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Jaggi Johal is being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which deals with cases related to terrorism.

In his letter to Starmer, Johnson wrote: “Thank you for your letter dated 31 May regarding Jagthar Singh Jhuhal, a British national who has been arbitrarily detained in India for the past four and a half years.” He added, “More recently, during her visits to India in October 2021 and March 2022, the Foreign Minister raised Johal’s position with Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. When I visited Delhi in April, I raised the Johal issue personally with Prime Minister Modi as part of a wide-ranging discussion. on bilateral and international affairs.

We continue to work with her government to resolve the Johal case. On 9 June, Foreign Secretary Martin Docherty Hughes, Johal’s deputy for West Dunbartonshire, along with members of Mr Johal’s family met to discuss our involvement in the case. Please ensure that the government is doing everything they can diplomatically to help Gohal,” Johnson said in the letter.

Who is Jagtar Singh also known as Jaggi Johal?

Jagtar Singh Johal (34) is a British citizen and resident in Dumbarton, Scotland. According to his family, Johar was an internet activist and contributed to a magazine and website documenting the alleged persecution of Sikhs in India. Johal’s activities consisted of translating stories of Sikhs who had allegedly been persecuted in India into English.

When was Johar arrested?

Gohal arrived in India on October 2, 2017, for his marriage to a Punjabi woman and got married on October 18. His brother Gurpreet Singh Johal and his parents returned to the UK after marriage, but chose to remain in India. He was arrested on 4 November 2017, from Raman Mandi town of Jalandhar district by Punjab Police team. He was initially arrested in connection with a weapons recovery case registered in Bagpurana in December 2016.

Subsequently, he was named as a defendant in seven cases, five of which were on counts of premeditated murder (targeted murder) and two of them related to attempted murder (attempted murder). Activists, members of right-wing Hindu groups, Dera Sirsa followers, and even a Christian activist (priest) have been targeted in these killings.

What is his alleged role in targeted killing?

According to the National Intelligence Agency, Harminder Singh Mintu, who died in 2018, Harminder Singh Mintu, who died in 2018, and Hardeep Singh toured France and Germany in June 2013. When they were in Paris, Mintu and Jurginder Singh Shastri went to Paris. Airport and received Jagtar Singh Johal, who arrived from the UK

Johal was sent to France from the United Kingdom by Gursharanbir Singh to deliver about 3,000 euros to Mintoo. Mintoo gave a portion of this money to Hardeep Singh to incentivize him to join the KLF and recruit him to carry out targeted killings. Gohal is mainly accused of providing funds to the militants.

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In January 2021, Delhi Police suspended Jaji Johal’s detention and alleged that he contacted gangster Sukmeet Pal Singh aka Sukh Bhikhariwal from Tihar Prison, who was residing outside India prior to his arrest in December 2020. But later, Delhi Police did not name Johal in the challenge produced. against gangs.

Why is there a demand for his release?

Jagji’s family in the UK have been pressing for his release since the first day of his arrest from Jalandhar on 4 November 2018. His brother Gurpreet Singh Johal was elected as a Labor chancellor in the Scottish local elections in Dumbarton Ward recently. Apart from the Akal Takht Sahib Committee and Shiromani Gurudwara Parbhandak, several major politicians in Britain, Canada and Punjab have spoken sympathetically to the Jaggi.

Even the current Chief Minister of Punjab Bhagwant Mann said back in 2017, when he was a Member of Parliament in Sangrour, that “if the Indian agencies were monitoring Jaji for one year, then the British government should have been consulted in this regard (Johal’s arrest).” Mann also expressed that the manner of Jaji’s arrest could create fear in the minds of NRIs about sending their children to Punjab. Some Punjabi singers have also spoken for Jaggi.

Before the British Prime Minister, the UN Working Group called Jaji Johal’s arrest arbitrary and urged the Indian government to release Johal immediately.

What did Jawhar’s lawyer say?

Johal’s lawyer, Jaspal Singh Mangpur said, “A total of 11 cases have been registered against Jaji Johal in India, eight of these cases are being investigated by the National Intelligence Agency, two by Punjab Police and one by Delhi Police Special Cell. Charge papers have been filed. In all cases, however, the charges were framed only in one case registered by Punjab Police immediately after his arrest from Jalandhar.Johal has already secured his release on bail in three cases against him, including the case in which the charges were laid. He was exempted from one case registered by the police Punjab”.

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