Who Controls Mumbai Civic Body? What is the Role of Mayor, Corporators?

BMC elections 2022: With the Maharashtra Election Commission (SEC) publishing the final list of departmental boundaries and reservations, preparations for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections are almost complete. The election dates for the BMC, the civic body that governs the metropolis of Mumbai, are soon expected to be announced by the SEC.

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BMC elections usually take place in April and May but had to be postponed this year due to the OBC booking issue. Elections for India’s richest civic body are now expected to take place after the monsoons. So how do BMC elections and functions work? And who controls it?

Who is elected to BMC membership?

BMC has an elected legislature with the company owner having only legislative powers. They do not have any executive powers which means that the party that includes most of the corporations is not actually responsible for the actions of the BMC even after the election of the mayor.

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So who runs BMC?

The BMC Commissioner, an IAS officer, appointed by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, is at the head of affairs in the civil body. They are responsible for taking care of the execution of all blueprints, allocating bids, and establishing quality checks for themselves. The BMC Commissioner is also responsible for ensuring that various civil functions are carried out including road maintenance and waste management.

What is the role of the mayor?

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What is the role of companies?

Any budget prepared for civil works by BMC also needs to get approval from the company in the area in which the work is to be carried out. In addition, companies are raising issues of public interest with BMC and the administrative authorities will be forced to respond. They can demand action against executives accused of corporate negligence or negligence in their role.

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