When Rishi Kapoor left home with mom Krishna due to Raj Kapoor’s affair with Vyjayanthimala: ‘My mother put her foot down’

Actor Rishi Kapoor has shared many moments from his and his family’s past in his narrated memoir, Khelm Khula. One chapter dealt with his father’s relationship with Nargis and Vijayanthimala. While he said that things didn’t change at home when his father Raj Kapoor was in an affair with Nargis, his mother Krishna Raj Kapoor set her foot when it came to Vijayanthimala.

“I was very young when my dad was in an affair with Nargis Ji and thus I wasn’t affected by her. I don’t remember feeling anything wrong at home either. But I do remember moving to Natraj Hotel on Marine Drive with my mum during the time Baba was involved with Vyjayanthimala, as he wrote.

“My mother decided to put her foot on the floor this time. From the hotel, we moved for two months to an apartment in Chitrakot. My father bought the apartment for my mother and us. He did everything in his power to lure her back, but my mother did not give up until he ended this chapter of his life,” he wrote feathery.

Film stars Raj Kapoor, Vijayanthimala and Rajendra Kumar on the set of Sangam movie.  Quick Archives Raj Kapoor, Vijayanthimala and Rajendra Kumar on the set of Sangam movie. (Photo: quick archive)

However, Vyjayanthimala dismissed the case, saying that it was all a ploy to promote the film. at that time, feathery This may also be handled. In an interview published a few years ago, Vyjayanthimala denied having an affair with my father. She claimed that he made the romance out of his hunger for publicity. I was angry. How can you be so lukewarm? And pretending that the affair never happened? She had no right to distort the facts just because he was no longer there to defend the truth.

“When his book (Vaijayanthi Mala) came out, many friends in the media called me to see my reaction. I told them what I thought. With time, my anger subsided. I admit that people highlight uncomfortable facts for their own reasons, but I can say for sure. That if Baba was alive, he (Vaijayanthi Mala) wouldn’t deny this affair publicly or he (Raj Kapoor) would have revealed to the publicity. Don’t be hungry. The actor said my father lived most of his time on his own terms.

Neetu Singh with Mrs. Krishna Kapoor, Raj Kapoor's wife. Neetu Singh with Krishna Kapoor. (Photo: quick archive)

Raj Kapoor and Vyjayanthimala worked together in Nazrana (1961) and Sangam (1964). While Nazrana was directed by CV Sridhar, Sangam was directed and produced by Raj Kapoor. The film also starred Rajendra Kumar.

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