When Kirron Kher revealed she divorced her husband to marry Anupam Kher: ‘He had nothing then’

Veteran actors Kiron Kher and Anupam Kher have been married since 1985 and are parents to son Sikandar, from Kiron’s first marriage with Gautam Perry. the couple Survived countless storms In the 36 years of their marriage, and they’re still stronger than ever.

In 2013, Kieron Kher told Firstpost about their love story, how they started as close friends, and married different people. “We were both in the theater in Chandigarh, and we were best friends. There was nothing he didn’t know about me and I knew everything about him, to the point of knowing the girl Patau was planning on. It was fun and we worked really well together too,” she said, “But There was no attraction of any kind but friendship.”

She added that when she came to Bombay and married Gautam Berry, the marriage was not “happening”. At the same time, Anupam Kher was also facing difficulties in his marriage as well. She remembered the moment the two of them felt something. “He and I are still good friends, playing together. I remember, we were going to Calcutta for a rare play Babar, he came up with a different look, and shaved his head, for some of the movies he was doing, I think. When he was leaving the room, he looked at me Again, and something passed between us. Later he came and knocked on my door and said “I want to talk to you.” Then he said “I think I fell in love with you.” And suddenly this huge, drastic change happened, the chemistry exploded. I got divorced and married him. He had nothing yet that “.

Anupam Kher shared a throwback photo featuring his wife Kiron Kher, actor Jitendra and Shobha Kapoor. (Photo: Anupam Kher/Instagram)

However, after two years of marriage, they faced a financial crisis when Anupam became a producer and had to borrow money from people in the industry. At this point, Kiron is back in business and has become a source of support for her husband. Recalling the “terrible” time, she said that Anupam started his entertainment company, and was going to produce it for television, but expanded it very quickly, despite her claims not to. “He hid from me the fact that he borrowed heavily to produce several shows at once. Then, without warning, eight of his shows were discontinued in a month. Television heads changed, and the money hadn’t come in months. We were in a financial mess. And his own career was at the lowest He was starring in dystopian comedic roles.She said “I had to start working seriously for the money.” She stated, however, that he approached everything with positivity and that he was “somewhere between an optimist and an ostrich.”

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Anupam Kher

Kiron Kher also noticed his reaction when her first commercial film Devdas came out as a blockbuster. She said she was paid more than him, and he would often make jokes at her, asking her how much she got. “Agar missed being on top, and popularity. He was laughing and making a joke about my work,” she said.

Anupam Kher (Photo: Instagram/Anupam Kher)

Later, I realized it was a reaction to her success because he was going through a tough time and wasn’t working with any big banner. They’ve run into a rough patch a few times, but Kieron emphasized that it “resolved itself.” “Yes, three or four years in the middle were pretty bad, but it made me stronger, taught me to live by myself, to travel alone. It was a lot of pain, but fortunately it resolved itself.”

However, their relationship became even stronger after Kiron was diagnosed with cancer during the coronavirus pandemic. After a difficult battle, the actress emerged victorious from her battle with cancer.

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