When Akshaye Khanna spoke about being bothered by losing hair at early age

Akshay Khanna debuted in cinema almost 25 years ago. In an old interview, Akshay opened up about her gaze and her premature baldness. They say this started to happen to them at a young age. Akshay was last seen in the Zee5 movie State of Siege: Temple Attack. Also Read: Saif Ali Khan says Akshay Khanna ‘deserves a lot of credit’ for the success of the race: ‘He’s such a talented actor’

In his 25-year career, Akshay is best known for his roles in films like Border (1997), Taal (1999), Dil Chahta Hai (2001), Humraj (2002), Hungama (2003), Hulchul (2004), and Gandhi. My Dad (2007), Race (2008), Mom (2017), Section 375 (2020) and many more.

Speaking about his appearance and hair in an interview with Midday 2020, Akshay talked about losing his hair at a relatively young age. He said, “It started to happen to me at a very young age. For me, it was like a pianist lost his fingers. In those days, until you could adjust to it and it would make you less trouble, I really felt like … you can be an athlete and know that you need knee surgery, so It’s heartbreaking, you can lose a year or two of your career. “

This is not the first time Akshay has spoken on this issue. Earlier, during the Coffee with Karan at Rapid Fire Round, Akshay took his name when asked who had the worst hairstyle in Bollywood. Karan asked him, and Akshay laughed and said, “Some people have back pain, some have their eyes fixed, some need hearing aids … this is a part of life. This is not a big thing for them, ”he said. He said, “For me it’s a small thing.”

Akshay is currently shooting for the scene. The film is led by Abhishek Pathak and is an ongoing part of Tabu and Ajay Devgan’s 2015 crime thriller Scenery. The film is a remake of the Malayalam movie of the same name starring Mohanlal in 2021.

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