Wellness Wisdom: Why your ubtan is a miracle skin cure

If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. It is this simple and profound Ayurvedic principle that, to me, makes a huge difference every time. Often times, you can eat the raw ingredients that we use in our products.

Another basic principle of Ayurveda is respect for the senses – the Panchmahaputas. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. Everything we apply must be in harmony with these senses.

We are all talking about ubtans. What was this? The purest and newest traditional skin cleanser. It was made from sun-dried herbs and then ground by hand. The process required time and physical effort. Depending on skin concerns, a tradition has developed of changing herbs and media. Meticulously cleaned – with some ingredients dried in the sun and some dry in the shade – using fresh herbs, flowers, roots and finally pounded to a specific consistency, Ubtan has traditionally been the perfect cleanser for every woman, man or child. Very little liquid was needed to mix it, whether it was fresh milk or yoghurt in general. ubtan can be easily customized for most people in their kitchen and thus, it can be customized for every skin type. Some blenders are traditionally recommended for various issues including tomato juice for pigmented skin, neem infused water kept overnight for acne etc.

Even dates and lychees, whether fresh or sun-dried, were blended in exact proportions according to the recipe. This mixture was then buried in clay pots and fermented underground to enrich it with natural enzymes. This mixture was brought out when ready, mixed by hand in heavy metal utensils and cooked over a slow fire. Hymns were sung by workers during the mixing procedure to allow positive vibrations to be absorbed into the final dough. It took several months. But who among us does not wait for silky skin?

Ayurveda and beauty are an endless ocean of possibilities. The limits must be pushed constantly.

(The author wrote a book about these secrets called “Essentially Meera”)

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