Waterlogging in Noida turns rain respite to misery

Heavy rains poured into the city of Gautam Budh on Monday, bringing a lot of relief from the scorching sun in a couple of months. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), rainfall has reduced the maximum temperature in the city by 12 degrees Celsius (° C).

The maximum temperature was recorded at 40.7 degrees Celsius on Sunday and it was 28 degrees Celsius on Monday. Similarly, official data showed that the minimum temperature on Sunday was recorded at 23.8 ° C, which fell to 18 ° C on Monday. Temperatures in Noida were recorded at the Regional Weather Center (RMC) in Sector 62.

According to the RMC, the winds were blowing at 50 to 60 kmph with light to moderate intensity thunderstorms around Noida between 5 and 8.30 am Monday morning. On Tuesday, the maximum and minimum temperatures in the city were recorded at 38 ° C and 21 ° C, respectively, the Met Office said. It is likely to rain and the cloudy weather will continue, it said.

A strong wind was blowing in the city on Monday morning, with several trees bursting. The power poles were also dismantled in various parts of Noida and Greater Noida and there are examples of traffic jams, police said.

” Trees have been hit and traffic has been disrupted. There was also a street lamp in Sector 30, which was removed in 20 minutes, and a large billboard from the mall in Sector 25 that was removed in 10 minutes. The barricade plate that was placed around the underground circle was also hitting the road, causing some traffic congestion. Ashutosh Singh, traffic inspector of Gautam Budh city, said that trees were found in Sector 12 and Tilapta Circle of Greater Noida and with the help of local residents, they were removed.

Travelers said the waterway caused slow traffic on the roads around Noida during Peak Hour.

“The Sector 18 underpass was submerged at 9 am, causing traffic congestion on the road leading to Delhi,” said Rohin Gupta, a local resident.

Water was also reported on the Noida-Greater Expressway at Sector 132 Underpass.

“Sector 18 was underwater for about an hour. Traffic was slow but not completely clogged, as vehicles were not damaged or accidents were reported. Police Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Ganesh Saha said traffic was smooth throughout the day in Gautam Budh.

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