Water stock in Pune dams increases, sowing activity picks up pace

Due to the current rains, the water level has risen in four dams – Khadakwasla, Panshet, Warasgaon and Temghar in Pune. Irrigation department officials said that the water level, which was less than 2.50 tmc, has risen to 3.67 tmc on Wednesday.

Water levels are expected to rise further as rain activity is expected to continue till July 9.

“On Monday, Khadakawasla received 276 mm of rain, while on Tuesday it received 781 mm, so in two days the Khadakawasla dam has increased by about 1 tmc,” said Vijay Patil, executive engineer, Khadakawasla Irrigation Department, Pune.

According to other officials, “If the Khadakwasla dam receives good rainfall for a month like the last two days, the dam will fill up in a month.”

Meanwhile, sowing activity in Pune has lagged after scanty rains in June, bringing relief to farmers.

The district has received less rainfall so far and the farmers were waiting for good rains as sowing requires constant rainfall. The current rain (moderate) is good for sowing activity,” said Dyaneshwar Bote, District Agriculture Officer.

PMC is in wait and watch mode

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) water department happy with monsoon progress; However, they will assess the rainfall situation in the coming days before deciding on canceling alternate day water cuts.

“On July 11, we will decide whether to continue with the alternate day schedule or not. “We are providing tankers wherever there is demand,” said a PMC water board official on an anonymous request.

As many societies have to ask for tankers, alternate water supply to residents will continue as water is not supplied as per schedule.

Banner’s water tanker service provider Dyaneshwar Barguje said that inquiries for water tankers have increased over the last three days. The price has not been increased’ he said.

A tanker consumes 10,000 liters of water 1,000 to 1,200, he said.

Housing societies on Banner-Pashan-Link Road continue to get water through tankers throughout the season due to low pressure.

Tanker demand will increase due to alternate day water supply. Residents say that they have mentioned the water problem many times in the Mohalla Committee and held meetings with the Jalmandal officials, but have not got a full solution.

Storage of water in dams

Dam, total capacity; Current status

(Statistics in TMC)

Khadakwasla; 1.97; 0.71

panshet; 10.65; 1.60

Varasgaon; 12.82; 1.28

Temghar; 3.71; 0.08

Total – 3.67

Last year the water was stored on July 6

TMC – 8.66

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