Watch: People stop moving car to save driver who fell unconscious

The Boynton Beach Police Department in the US’s Florida shared a CCTV footage that showed a group of people coming together to help a woman who fell unconscious while driving at a busy intersection.

While sharing the video on their Twitter and YouTube accounts Wednesday, the police department put out an appeal to mail them any information about those in the video so that they could reunite them with the woman whose life they helped save.

The footage, which was recorded on May 5, 2022, shows a car approaching a busy intersection without any regard for the traffic signal. A woman, who was later identified as the driver’s co-worker, runs towards the car and signals the traffic to stop as she bangs at the car.

Soon she is joined by other motorists, who step out of their vehicles and stop the car by pushing against it. They then use a dumbbell to break its window and a man is then seen climbing inside the car through the window and opening a door.

According to the police department, “The car was then put in park and the Good Samaritans pushed it to a nearby 7-Eleven parking lot where a nurse who was on the phone with 911 provided medical attention until the fire department arrives.”

The driver, who has been identified as West Palm Beach resident Laurie Rabyor by CBS12 News, recovered after help arrived. Rabyor told CBS12 News that she does not remember when and how she fell unconscious but attributes it to the combination of taking medicines for high blood pressure while fasting.

The video was circulated widely on social media and many people who helped the driver were identified. On Thursday, the police department tweeted, “UPDATE: You all work fast! We have been put in touch with several of the Good Samaritans are coordinating everyone’s schedules to get them together with the woman they rescued. We will let you know once it’s confirmed. Thank you. ”

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