Watch: Man climbs up six floors to rescue little girl dangling from window

a Firefighter In central China’s Shanxi province, the internet was hailed as a “hero” after a video clip showed him climbing six floors of a building without any protective gear or gear to rescue a child hanging from a window grille last week.

An Bing, off duty FirefighterHe was shocked to hear his neighboring five-year-old daughter crying in distress and immediately rushed to her rescue. Immediately, he went up six floors and grabbed the little girl whose body was swinging in the air. Minutes later, the girl’s mother arrived at the scene and helped him to bring the child down safely. People’s Daily Online mentioned.

The clip was shared by People’s Daily Online The little girl appears hanging from the window grille. Peng managed to get close to the little girl and grabbed her.

Watch the video here:

Many users appreciated Bing for his efforts. A real hero saved her. God bless you,” one user commented.

Peng . said People’s Daily Online The distance between the handrails was wide. The child could have fallen, so he decided to immediately save her. “If she fell out of the window, her family was devastated, so I climbed up to the window to catch her,” Peng was quoted as saying. People’s Daily Online.

Recently, a Kazakh man also won praise on the internet as a “hero” afterwards A video of him saving a little boy Hanging from the eighth floor of a building appeared online. Without a belt or helmet, he risked his life and expanded the building to save the child from falling.

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