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Actor Madhavan has said that Prime Minister Modi’s digital economy has created an uproar around the world and the financial community will be a disaster. But the actor did not need to educate farmers to use the phone.

Actor R Madhavan praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he made his debut debut at Cannes on Thursday, “Rocketry: The Nambi Effect”. Joining Keynes this year, Union Minister Anurag Thakur shared a video of Madhavan explaining how Prime Minister Modi’s vision of the digital economy was thought to be a disaster but did not. The actor said there was no need to educate farmers to use the phone.


“When the Prime Minister of India started his tenure, he introduced Micro Economy and Digital Currency. Around the world, in the economic community,” it does not work. This is a disaster. “How do you go about helping small farmers or uneducated people with small phones or smartphones and manage accounting,” the actor said.

Madhavan said micro-economy is considered a major disaster in India.

“In a couple of years the whole story changed and India became one of the users of the world’s most sensitive economy and you know why it happened. Farmers do not need education to know if they have a phone.

Madhavan said of his film, “From Aryabhatta to Sundar Pichai, we have extraordinary stories in terms of science and technology. We are not making films about them.

Earlier, in Cannes, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone had said that India is at the pinnacle of excellence. “There will come a day when I truly believe that India does not have to be in Cannes, but Cannes is in India.”

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