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Wimbledon’s second-round match against Jiri Vesely on Wednesday was an unusual way for Alejandro Fokina to be knocked out. It was a marathon match between the two on Court 17, with Wesley leading 9-7 in the final set tie-breaker. Czech Wesley won the first set 6-3, while Fokina won the next two sets 7-5 7-6. Wesley stayed alive with another 6-3 win in the fourth game before moving on to the final set tie-breaker.

Fokina made a forced mistake during the tie-breaker, which gave Wesley a 9-7 lead that provoked an outburst from the Spanish tennis star, which eventually led him out of the Wimbledon Championships.

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After the error, Fokina furiously hit the ball off the court before preparing to serve to save the two-game score. The Chair umpire called the offense ‘ball abuse’ and charged Fokina with a point penalty that ultimately handed Wesley the win.

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However, tennis player John McEnroe was not pleased with the decision.

“I don’t agree with that. It’s insane… what a lousy way to end it,” McEnroe told ESPN after the game.

Davidovich Fokina was previously cited for a different code violation. When umpire Ramos made the final call of the match, Davidovich challenged Fokina’s verdict, saying his two references were to different violations.

But it doesn’t matter: two types of infractions during a match give the opponent a score. This was after Davidovich Fokina missed a forehand to give Wesley a 9-7 edge in the first-10 points, a win-by-two final-set tiebreaker.

Wesley will now face No. 30 seed Tommy Paul of the United States in the third round.

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