Watch: ‘Drunken’ wedding guests set decorations on fire while dancing

Exploding fireworks at the end of a wedding is common in the West. However, one family’s fun turned into horror for some time when the guest accidentally started a fire. Fortunately, it was quickly put out, but the “drunk” man’s actions spread on the Internet.

Wearing a suit, the bearded, apparently ecstatic man is seen dancing behind another guest, a woman, in 1992 I’m so sexy By Right Said Farid is heard playing on the speakers. Then suddenly the floral decoration on the wooden barrel behind him caught fireworks in his hand. While the person filming the video and the guests are heard shouting “Ahhhh…fire…fire”, the man is seen dancing happily without realizing what is going on behind him.

Another woman was seen running to stop the flames From spreading into the barn, he pulled the white tulle curtain from the entrance gate. The man was now seen trying to put out the flames. He is seen carelessly flicking the burnt-out ornament on his arm as chaos ensues, with some screaming and laughter.

A few minutes later, he is seen trying to put it down by trampling on the burning ornament, while another man steps up to splash some water on it. While the other guests could breathe a sigh of relief as the fire was extinguished, the man seemed completely unfazed and continued to sway.

according to daily Mail, The original video posted on TikTok has been deleted. However, the video shared on Twitter has garnered more than 13 million views so far.

While people were glad nothing bad happened, many highlighted how it could have gotten worse had it not been controlled in time. However, others were affected by a way that he could put out the flames “without any concern for the world”.

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