Watch: Deputy sheriff saves baby skunk, melts hearts online

Nate Jacobson, deputy sheriff of Olmsted County, Minnesota, US, went on a bizarre rescue mission last week when he encountered a baby skunk in the middle of the road.

Seeing the lone animal struggling in the middle of the road on a hot day, the deputy mayor couldn’t help but help him.

While speaking to ABC 6 News, Jacobson said he was confused and clueless when he first spotted the skunk. However, he eventually picked up the animal and placed it in a shaded area out of the way. Then he waited to see if the skunk’s mother would appear or if the skunk would move away on its own, but the animal stayed in the same place.

Then the officer picked him up and sought help from Paws and Claws Humane Society, an animal shelter. At the animal shelter, young skunks were fed milk and the mammals soon regained their strength. The skunks will be taken care of by the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and animal shelter before releasing them into the wild.

On Friday, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office shared a video of the skunk rescue mission on its Facebook page. The video quickly went viral and got thousands of likes.

Appreciating Jacobson for helping the little boy, one Facebook user commented on the video, “You’re awesome Vice Jacobson!! Thank you for sharing your sympathetic side. This kid really needed help.”

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