Watch: Chris Martin surprises couple with an impromptu performance at British pub

For any couple, there is always a song that holds a special meaning for them, and it often becomes their first dance choice. However, your favorite artist does not surprise you every day with his performance in your honor. Fortunately, it happened to a couple in a small village in England They met Chris Martin The days before their wedding day.

Yes, in a heart-melting video online, the head of the British band performed an impromptu show in a pub, when he heard a potential bride and groom Hannah and Jeremy chose a Coldplay song. Martin wishes the couple all the best in the next chapter of their lives, as he is seen playing “A Sky Full of Stars” on the small piano, in a chance encounter.

The couple said they were surprised to see the star at The Stag Inn, Hinton, near Bath on Sunday, stopping at the country pub after the Glastonbury Festival. When the duo mentioned that they were planning their wedding and their first dance was the band’s song, Martin, without any hesitation, jumped at the piano to play and sing for them.

“You never know who might come over for a pint! @Coldplay What a lovely guy,” I wrote the pubVideo sharing is going viral now.

When bar owner Chris Parkin discovered Martin, he asked if he’d play with the engaged couple who were sitting nearby planning their wedding. “As you can imagine, we were absolutely shocked when he agreed to play for us,” the groom told BBC News.

“It’s a small village and we never imagined this would happen to us in a million years,” Hanna said. In retrospect, the couple regretted not inviting the rock band star to their wedding, but admitted, “We were in shock.”

One of the things she goes on was, ‘Okay, it’s happening,’ Barkin told Sky News.

Coldplay has made Glastonbury headlines four times and also performed in the online version of the festival in 2021. However, they did not perform this year. The band is now on a break during their world tour, which resumes in July in Frankfurt before the start of the UK tour in August.

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