Watch actor Raghubir Yadav play music with a lauki

Ragbir Yadav A multi-talented personality, the 72-year-old actor showed another skill set on Saturday when he played music after forming an instrument of lauki (bottle gourd).

Actor Puneet Tiwari shared the video clip of the veteran actor playing the unusual instrument on Facebook.

While tweeting the video, which was reportedly captured during Yadav’s birthday celebrations, Tiwari wrote: “Lowki is now a musical instrument. …”

Ragbir Yadav also posted a video of him playing music on lauki on his Instagram account and wrote, “Making a new musical instrument on Bday-Low-key”. His post has amassed more than 7,600 likes.

In the video, it can be seen that Yadav modified the humble vegetable by fitting it with a tube used for playing through the mouth. In addition, there are pierced holes in the hollow vegetables which are controlled by one’s fingers.

It is interesting to note that Lucky has a special connection to Ragbir Yadav’s latest song panchayatWeb series on Amazon Prime Video. Ragbir Yadav plays Brij Bhushan Dubey, a central character in the comedy-drama. His character is often seen giving those close to him loki as a gesture of patronage.

After the release of the critically acclaimed second season of Panchayat, many fans of the series have clicked selfies using lauki to promote the show and show their appreciation for the web series.

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