‘Was it a toothpaste ad’: Netizens laugh at Hindi TV serial scene showing woman getting strangled by dupatta

While the world is going gaga over how moving beyond the silver screen, dramas created for the small screen are pretty epic, Indian soap operas are infamous for their rather absurd content. Now, in yet another example of ‘RIP logic’, a video of a woman suffocating has left netizens laughing out loud online.

In a small video making rounds on the internet, a woman character played by Sangita Ghosh is seen flunking her dupatta on her shoulder. However, it gets caught onto a big stand fan placed behind her. As the dupatta gets entangled in the blades of the fan, the woman is seen struggling to breathe while others standing in the room react in horror.

Soon, another male character played by Ajay Chaudhary is seen trying his best to set her free. While the crowd is seen panicking seeing her turning red as the dupatta keeps fastening around her neck, another woman is seen rushing to unplug the fan.

Finally, after more than two minutes of suspense and some dramatic music, instead of just turning her to untwine the dupatta, Chaudhary is seen using all his might to tear the piece of clothing with his teeth to save Ghosh.

For anyone wondering the show is called Swaran Ghar that airs on Colors TV.

Netizens were baffled seeing the rather chaotic scene played in slow motion and dramatic angles. One even quipped “National Geographic Channel has paid 1 Million Dollar for this rare video”, referring to Kiran Bedi’s recent post. Even Bollywood actor and stand-up comedian Vir Das joined the conversation.

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