Vivek Oberoi reacts as his and Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Kaduva gets postponed

Vivek Oberoi wrote an emotional note as Prithviraj Sukumaran had also postponed his next film, which also starred. Prithviraj, who plays the title role in the Malayalam film, talks about obstacles and enemies, declaring that the release has been pushed back by ‘unexpected circumstances’. Responding to Prithviraj’s post, Vivek expressed confidence that the film was ‘irresistible’. Read More | Fans buying another Lamborghini ‘4 crore ki car’

Prithviraj Sukumaran posted a proclamation of delay in Monday’s post, “Dreams are big, obstacles are big! We believe in love and support. ” The actor has apologized to fans, distributors and theater owners around the world for the delay.

Vivek Oberoi, who plays the villain in the film, reacted to Prithviraj’s post on his Twitter account on Tuesday. He wrote, “I feel your pain and disappointment, brother, we are all together. You are always my 100% support! With the love and prayers of all our fans and the support of all our distributors and theaters, we can catch the tiger! “

The tiger in Malayalam is also a short version of Prithviraj’s character in the film. It stars Samyukta Menon. Vivek Oberoi plays Deputy Police Inspector Joseph Chandy. The 1990s movie revolves around the rivalry of influential rubber planters and Vivek’s Joseph.

The film stars James Elias Manjile, Seema, Janardhanan, Priyanka Nair, Sudev Nair, Aju Varghese and Dilish Pothan in the lead roles. Prithviraj’s wife Supriya Menon has produced the film under the banner Prithviraj Productions in association with Listen Stephen of Magic Frames.

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