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Dr going through the @thewickedvegetarian handle. The video shared by a woman named Runjun M on Instagram is going viral. In the video you can see how her father-in-law and her mother-in-law stand together in front of the television so they can catch the look of their niece. She is supported by her mother-in-law and Dr. The video has struck a chord with a number of people as it highlights both Ranjun’s achievement in it.

The caption shared on the video reads, “It was always on TV but I never saw anyone who looked like a young Indian girl growing up. I’ve always wanted to be on TV and have my own show… and randomly yesterday I called for a last minute request to appear as a doctor and mom at @goodmorningamerica.

“This appearance made my dream a reality on national TV … and I never celebrated it with anyone but my two biggest cheerleaders … with my aunts. My husband and son slept … but my aunts left their morning tea to watch the section and made me feel like a movie star at my premiere. It’s about supporting dreams no matter how small. Mom … I did it. ”

Watch it below:

This viral video, shared four days ago, now has over 1.92 lakh likes. It also has many appreciated comments.

Instagram users write, “Yikes! This is so great! “Congratulations, you’re very happy,” reads another comment. The third comment reads, “Yes! The dream has come true.”

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