Vikas Singal Bagged Nationwide SME Awards for

SamBlogs, a leading SEO services agency founded by professional SEO consultant Vikas Singhal, has been awarded the Best Emerging SME title for the current year in Jaipur.

The agency is funded by the most reputed and leading marketing research companies under the category of digital marketing services, Business Mint.

This win is really big for Samblogs but it is not surprising that it is always predicted by the quality of work it is doing.

The secret sauce

Well, apart from the immense dedication and knowledge, SamBlogs has kept the client’s satisfaction and their growth a top priority since its launch in 2013.

There can be no secret sauce to win unless you are obsessed with the work you do with the utmost honesty and customer satisfaction. Vikas Single.

The Focus

SamBlogs is focused on helping small businesses, startups, marketers, brands and every dedicated person increase their revenue by making maximum use of the Internet from the first day.

All curated content, valuable blogs, and the recently released monthly SEO packages have helped readers gain a deeper understanding of the science of the digital space.

SamBlogs caters to users by providing valuable blogs to understand the nuances of SEO and what you are doing wrong.

The growth rate of SamBlogs over these years is impeccable and speaks for itself about how happy their users are.


Vikas hails from a single engineering background. He completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in 2006.

Like many of us, Vikas’ path was not straightforward. He joined ITC Limited- Food Division, where he incorporated and worked on integrated strategies for growth.

But in 2010, he decided to move back to Jaipur and started working on independent SEO and digital marketing projects. At the time, he was not very skilled at the subject but he continued to grow with continuous learning.

In 2013, he finally carved out samblogs with his freelance learning and work.

This was in 2013, when Vikas began his journey as a professional SEO consultant by driving results using effective SEO techniques and we can all see what his results are now.


Samblogs has continued to grow over the years with many features and service updates to ensure it meets the ever-changing SEO requirements.

With 11+ years of expertise in the SEO space, Vikas continues to pursue his dream of providing a complete guide and handheld support for those who don’t have a proper understanding of the digital space.

By all means, SamBlogs really deserves recognition for the amazing work they are doing in the field, and Business Mint is one of the official market research companies that recognize it.

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