Video of Ukrainian graduates dancing in front of bombed school goes viral

Graduation, farewell and going to the prom are some of the most precious memories for high school students. Unfortunately Young students in UkraineYou ruined such simple joys forever. However, in a remarkable display of resilience and courage, a group of high school students perform in front of their school that was destroyed by Russian bombing.

In a video making the rounds online, both boys and girls from School No. 134 in war-torn Kharkiv are seen doing a waltz. As the ruins of their school building stand behind them, six girls and three boys are seen dancing to music played over a megaphone on a basketball court.

While the young students dance solemnly, armed soldiers We also see in the background standing guard, with the Ukrainian flag attached to a truck. As the camera moves, the students’ families are seen present at the site recording the touching moment on their mobile phones.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry added the video sharing: “The school was severely damaged days after the all-out Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, and the school later became the last outpost of the Russian occupiers in Kharkiv.”

Besides the video that left people emotionally on the internet, another photo of a female graduate student taking a photo in a prom dress in front of the damaged building also went viral.

A young student wearing a red tulle robe was seen taking pictures to commemorate the site of the destruction. “Graduation day lost in Kharkiv,” Twitter user Anna Ibysheva wrote, sharing a photo of the girl standing in front of the same school.

Speaking to the local press, Ebysheva said that her niece and friends bought dresses and were looking forward to their graduation day. Then the Russians came. Her school was directly hit and destroyed. “Today, she returned to what was left of her school and her plans,” said Ebysheva of her niece Valery.

With continued devastation on the Ukrainian side, the Courage and determination Its inhabitants were all left in awe all over the world.

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