Video of paraglider flying with black vulture blows away Smriti Irani and many others

Paragliding in itself is a wonderful experience. However, the suspense factor increased by a degree, the man flew with an eagle. The video of the amazing moment has left everything intrigued on the internet.

while only Try paragliding Giving most people an adrenaline rush, imagine soaring through the sky not only with a view of a picturesque valley but also in the company of a bird. This is exactly what happened when a young adventurer flew above the clouds.

In a video clip circulating on social media, a black eagle was seen flying close to the parachute bird. When the parachute bird is seen veering in a different direction, navigating through the wind, the paraglider is seen unfazed as it descends rapidly near its feet.

What really amazed everyone was the fact that the man was trying to stroke the wings of the bird, one of whose claws was on the metal frame of the support harness and the other on his shoe.

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Watch the video here:


Union Minister Smriti Irani was among those who shared the stunning video on their Instagram stories on Thursday.

While at first, most people thought the viral moment caught on camera was a fluke, others said it wasn’t. For starters, the activity is called “parahacking”which involves paragliding with a trained bird of prey guiding the person for a bird-like flying experience.

The video was later traced back to Brazil and the black eagle was identified as Ouro, who was trained by pilots at Pacarots Aventura, who tours the mountainous regions of Serra da Aratana.

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