Video of desi mom’s anti-bullying talk with daughter earns plaudits online

When it comes to bullying students in schools, there is no dearth of distressing stories online. Recently, there have been some important conversations about how to prevent children from becoming part of the problem by educating their youngsters. Now, one mom’s advice is to win hearts online.

Tahira Naguri of Houston, Texas recently shared a thoughtful video of her daughter teaching anti-bullying lessons. Armed with only a piece of white paper, the Pakistani-born woman is seen asking her eldest daughter to say some ‘little things’ to her.

And the girl also replied: “You’re filthy”; “you are crazy”; “You are fat” and more, with each lowly sentence, the mother is seen crumbling the paper little by little. By the time the child has finished saying all the not-so-nice words, she has completely crushed the paper.

Then the mother was seen flattening the crushed paper and asking her daughter to apologize to him. When the child says sorry, the mother is seen asking, “Can you fix this paper?” The girl replied, “No.” Teaching her a valuable life lesson, the mother then concludes, “That’s why she never bullies anyone.” The video shows the little girl embracing her mother promising, she’ll never do it again.

Reel’s Instagram video struck a chord with many online, not just parents of young children. With nearly 9.5 million views, many praised the mother for imparting such important knowledge with ease and dedication. While many parents said they would try the idea with their children, adults commented that they wish someone had taught them this way in the same way.

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