Veterinarian arrested for ‘provoking’ murder of chemist in Amravati who ‘supported’ Nupur Sharma

Kotwali City Police in Amravati has arrested a 44-year-old veterinarian in connection with the date of June 21 Umesh Kolhi murdered (54) who was killed for allegedly posting a WhatsApp post supporting controversial comments made by Nupur Sharma of the BJP against the Prophet Muhammad.

The sixth defendant in the case, Yusuf Khan Bahadur Khan, 44, a doctor who runs a clinic in the city, was arrested Friday evening. Emphasizing the link between Sharma’s comments and Kolhi’s killing, Deputy Police Commissioner (Amravati) Vikram Sali said on Saturday, “The motive behind the killing is to seek revenge for the post he (Kulhi) made in support of Nupur Sharma.”

Explaining Khan’s role in the murder, a police officer said, “Khan posted a post on a WhatsApp group against Kulhi saying that he was spreading leaflets supporting Nupur Sharma. This provoked the accused against Kulhi and they decided to kill him. Therefore, Khan incited the other accused.”

On Saturday, Khan appeared before the Magistrate’s Court, which referred him to police custody until July 4. While one of the defendants in the case is still at large, six have been arrested, including two of the three men who arrived on a bicycle to kill Kulhi. .

The murder occurred between 10pm and 10:30pm on June 21 when Umesh Kulhi was returning home on his motorbike after his medical store closed. The son of Kolhe Sanket (27 years old) and wife of Sanket Vaishnavi were traveling on another motorcycle.

Sanket, the complainant in the case, told the police, “We were moving from Prabhat Chowk and our motorbikes had arrived at the gate of the new high school. Two men on a bicycle came suddenly in front of my father’s scooter. One of them had a knife in his hand. They stopped my father’s bike and one of them stabbed my father in the neck. With a knife. My father fell to the ground and was bleeding from his neck. I stopped my motorcycle and started screaming for help. Another man came and the three of them sat on the bike and ran away.”

With the help of others, Kulhi was taken to a nearby hospital where he died the same night during treatment. Within 24 hours, Amravati Police arrested two men, and based on investigations, three more were arrested later.

The arrested suspects are Muddathir Ahmed nicknamed Sonu Reza Sheikh (22), a resident of Bismillah Najjar behind Abu Dhar Mosque, Shahrukh Pathan nicknamed Badshah Hedayat Khan (25), from Sufyan Najjar, Nano nicknamed Nawfeeq Vald Taslim (24) from Lakhali district near Imam Hussain Mosque and Shuaib aka Puria Khan, a resident of Chaya Nagar. Police said it was Shoaib who stabbed al-Kalhi.

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