Varanasi traders appeal for peace, harmony

The Metropolitan Trade Committee, a group of businessmen, on Saturday appealed to the public and especially fellow businessmen to maintain peace and harmony in the city.

At a meeting here on Saturday, Varanasi administration officials and religious leaders applauded the crucial role in maintaining peace in the city.

In a statement issued on Saturday by officials of the metropolitan job trade committee, “This city and the country belongs to all of us. The Shringar Gauri-Jnanavapi case is pending in court. We have nothing to do with this issue. Whatever the court order, we accept it.

Patron Srinarayan Khemka, President Prem Mishra, General Secretary Ashok Jaiswal, Vice President Somnath Vishwakarma appealed not to do anything that would harm the city, the state and our country.

Meanwhile, local businessmen Mukhtar Ahmad and Owaidul Haq appealed to the businessmen of Kashi to maintain peace and tranquility in the city and thanked the committee.

Rajneesh Kannojia, Manish Chaubey, Dinesh Kalra, Mukhtar Ahmed, Owaidul Haq, Vijay Jaiswal, Kedar Dhanani, Sanjay Agarwal, Faizan Ahmed were also present.

SBSP leader appeals for peace

Suheladev has appealed to the former state vice-president of the Bharatiya Samaj Party, Shashi Pratap Singh, to ensure peace, harmony, brotherhood and harmony.

Singh said peace leads to development and disrupts chaos development. He called for stringent action against those who sought to disturb the peace in various cities of the state.

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