US Waitress in Disbelief After Couple Leaves Rs 62,000 Tip on a Bill of Rs 3,700

A kind customer made the day of a waitress at an American restaurant by giving her the most generous tip in 20 years of her career. Jennifer Vernancio from Rhode Island, US has been working as a waitress at The Big Cheese & Pub for roughly three and half years, as reported by NBC 10 WJAR. Being a mother of a 3-year-old child, Jennifer was struggling to find a babysitter for her son while she worked at the restaurant. Jennifer said that she was “having a terrible morning” one Wednesday when she was scheduled to come to the restaurant at 11 am.

However, one sweet gesture by a customer lit up her day and left her in high spirits. Jennifer shared that the first customer she served that day was a “super, super nice gentleman and his wife”. Reportedly, the couple just ordered some sandwiches and then left after paying the bill. The man wished Jennifer a nice day and she too replied with a smile.

But, Jennifer was clueless what the customer had left for her on the table. To her surprise, the couple gave a $810 tip (around Rs 62,000) on a bill of just $48 (roughly Rs 3,710). Having received the tip of her lifetime, Jennifer could not believe her eyes and rushed to show the bill to her manager.

According to Jennifer, he had never received such a tip while working for 20 years in the restaurant industry. “That money, it’s more than a couple of shifts. I mean it helps out, everything helps out, but that is more than money it’s just true kindness,” said Jennifer.

The tip made a difference for the waitress who had been juggling with her restaurant job and caring for her kids. She shared that earning a good income to provide for her children hasn’t been easy for her.

The tip would now help Jennifer pay some bills while she has bought new shoes for her daughter and a toy for her toddler. Although Jennifer could not know the customers, she insisted that she will never forget their kindness.

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