US President Joe Biden signs bill to establish national Asian Pacific history museum

US President Joe Biden has signed a bill to explore the possibility of creating a Museum of Asian and Pacific American History and Culture, a move that will recognize and document Amerindian history and culture.

He said during the check-in ceremony in the East Room of the White House on Monday.

Also speaking at the historic event was Vice President Kamala Harris who spoke about her Indian roots. Among others, it was attended by American Indian Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and notable Amerindians such as Ajay Jane Putoria and Kamal Kalsi.

In her remarks, Harris said that when her mother was 19, she came to the United States from India to become a breast cancer researcher.

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“Growing up, my mother made sure that my sister Maya and I knew the important glorious history of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders of America. Because that, of course, is part of America’s history.

“Educating this history is helping us all as Americans understand where we come from and who we are. The National Museum of American History and Culture in Asia and the Pacific will teach and tell the story of our country,” she said.

“This is a story about the heroes who shaped our nation for the better, from the South Asian Americans who helped transform agriculture up and down the Pacific Coast, to the Japanese Americans who defended our freedom during World War II, to the Chinese American garment workers who walked the streets of New York before 40 years to earn better salaries and benefits for all workers,” the vice president said.

This is also a story about some of the country’s darkest moments such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, the arrest of Japanese Americans, the murder of Vincent Chen, discrimination against South Asian Americans after 9/11, and today’s “hate epidemic”, Harris said, fueling violence against many communities. , including the AA and NHPI community.

Noting that the battle for the soul of America is clearly going on, Biden emphasized that this is why a museum like this would be so important.

“Museums of this size and the findings will be inspiring and educating. More than anything, it will help people see themselves in the story of America — a story that makes America better and makes America better,” Biden said.

The prominent Amerindian Butoria, who attended the event, welcomed the move to create a Museum for Asian Americans and the Pacific Islands.

“The passage of a commission to study the potential creation of the National Museum of American History and Culture in Asia and the Pacific Act is a historic moment for our community. This museum will teach and tell the story of our heroes about Asian Americans and the story of America — a story that will help make America better,” he said.

“This bill will help celebrate the diversity of cultures within the AA and NHPI communities, and highlight the history of how the AANHPI community has helped shape America’s economic, cultural and social growth and contribute significantly to strengthening the fabric of our nation,” Butoria said.

“South Asian Americans have contributed significantly to technology, healthcare, small business growth, immigration, political growth, and much more!” he added.

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