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US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has overseen six people in the United States with monkeypox infection after sitting on passengers with virus symptoms while on a flight from Nigeria to the United Kingdom. In early May, a report by American News Network CNN said Friday.

The current spread of the virus across the globe has come as a surprise because its occurrence in humans is very rare. First This year’s case in the US Appeared in a Massachusetts man who recently traveled to Canada. The virus, most often found in young people, originates in wild animals such as rodents and primates and occasionally jumps to humans.

Here are the latest updates:

> In the United States, New York City officials are investigating a possible case of a monkeypox. “The patient is being cared for at NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue. All appropriate individual protocols are being followed, ”the NYC Department of Health said in a statement Thursday, when the public health laboratory conducts preliminary tests that, if positive, will be sent to the CDC for confirmation testing.

> Canada has confirmed the first two cases of the virus after Quebec officials said they were investigating 17 suspected cases, according to a news agency Reuters report.

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> Australia has also reported a possible case of monkeypox on the passenger. A 40-year-old man’s confirmation test is underway. According to the New South Wales Department of Health, he developed a mild illness several days after returning to Sydney with symptoms that were clinically compatible with the Monkeypox.

> A suspected case has been discovered in the Paris / Il-de-France area, the French health ministry said Thursday.

> The total number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in Spain has risen to 14 after another 7 people became infected with the virus, news agency AP reported. So far all the patients are men.

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