Urfi Javed remembers how her relatives destroyed her bold outfits: ‘Now they all want selfies with me’

Although Orvi Javid has been labeled the “Queen of Social Media,” she says life hasn’t changed for her. The 25-year-old has gotten some recognition, a lot of fake and even fake love, and said she always expects those reactions, and she can happily read through people.

Thanking paparazzi and social media for her popularity, Orvi said in a conversation with Indianexpress.com that if she could, she would have given every photographer a car and a house as a gift. “I give them all the credit. When I get married, they will be the main guest,” she said. However, there is an uproar in the industry for photographers to post her photos. Addressing the rumours, the actor said, “People ask you all the time. Chief Mar Bhai Jun until then they will point the finger at me. I really don’t care about such conversations. They were the ones who said earlier that I don’t have money to buy an airline ticket.”

Recently, Viral Bhayani, one of the famous photographers noticed that Urfi Javed is making more money than Bollywood actors. The actor said his statement was misunderstood, and he said that it means that her pictures make more money compared to the pictures of Bollywood actors. “Maine Kama Rahi is, but Etni Nahi (I make money, but not that much), she said, adding that while she was humbled by what he said, she didn’t let it go to her head. “It’s just me and I’m not the only one selling pictures of him. There are so many girls out there and I can never allow myself to believe that I am the queen of the world.”

Given that the paparazzi are following the actor 24X7, we wondered if that was putting pressure on her – whether that was by putting her best fashion forward or even bragging about a happy one. Orfi said, “Honestly, I love to dress up. I’ve always wanted to be a trendy actor. I’m usually well-dressed. As for trying to flaunt a happy photo, I’m always honest. So I end up crying and angry even on camera. I don’t take any pressure.”

However, Orvi Javid adds that constant criticism of her clothing and personality takes its toll on her. She admitted that she gives herself two days in three months to scream. The actress said that over time, she also witnessed a change in the reactions of her relatives towards her.

Orvi recalls an incident when some relatives came home with her father in a carriage to “check her clothes”. “I’ve always been bold and like to dress well. It didn’t go well with them and they took their wrath on my clothes. Using scissors, they cut a lot of my clothes off, saying some showed cleavage while others were sleeveless. I decided I would come back to them one day, and rightfully so. Today, most of them want a selfie with me,” she said.

The Punchh Beat actress spoke about her inspiration growing up, saying, “In the ’90s, we didn’t have access to international fashion. Closer to home, we didn’t have TV, magazines, or the internet around. But I loved Karisma Kapoor’s fashions. She popped, as did her style statements. Urmila Matondkar”.

In more detail about her personal style, Orvi Javid said there are many like her who might not be able to afford expensive clothes all the time but that shouldn’t stop them from experimenting. “I took the DIY approach because I wanted the best clothes but didn’t have that kind of money. Also, not everyone can afford the big brands, which is why first copies sell so much. I think there’s nothing wrong with that and I hope that Girls understand that money isn’t everything for style. Sometimes it’s all about creativity. I hope I can take this idea forward and one day launch a fashion line.”

On a final note, we asked Orvi who is the real person behind all the fashion and daring. She replied, “I have 50 different personalities, I don’t know which one to remember right now.”

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