Urban Governance, Post-Covid Growth, NEP on List for Chief Secretaries’ Conference, Niti Aayog Meet

Urban governance, implementation of the national education policy and a roadmap for growth of the post-Covid era are some of the general topics that will be discussed by top government policy makers from the center and states at the National Conference of Chiefs of Trustees later this week in Dharamshala, officials familiar with the matter told News18. .

They added that the seventh meeting of the Niti Aayog Board of Directors to be held later will also be based on the agenda points of the conference.

This was discussed at a meeting held last month which was attended by Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Juba, Niti Ayug CEO Amitabh Kant, as well as senior bureaucrats in the central government and senior secretaries of all states and union territories.

An official told News18 that the government has scaled back three public themes for both the Conference of Trustees – scheduled between June 15-17 at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh – and the Niti Ayug board meeting to be held later.

“The three topics on which detailed deliberations will take place during both events include national education policy, urban governance, crop diversification and achieving self-sufficiency in oilseeds and pulses,” the government official said.

For the board meeting, there will be deliberations on some additional topics as well – such as a roadmap for growth in the post-Covid era and the importance of the G20 presidency.

How were the topics chosen?

The topics were selected after detailed discussions between the center, countries and other experts over the past three months. In addition, subtopics for each of these topics have been identified and concept papers around them have also been drafted. For example, urban planning was one of the sub-topics under urban management. Sub-topics are assigned to groups that include lead secretaries, field experts, and field personnel.

The Principal Secretaries also led the committees that drafted concept papers on them for the respective nodal ministries, and on which they also worked.

At the meeting, Kant was learned to highlight that deliberations on common agenda points for the two events would help narrow the points of action and there would be consensus among nations on them.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reported to be chairing the Senior Secretaries’ Conference. He will chair the meeting of the Niti Ayug Board of Directors to be held later, which includes Chief Ministers of all states and Deputy Governors of other union territories.

Making India an industrializing powerhouse, reimagining agriculture, improving physical infrastructure, accelerating human resource development, health and nutrition were among the issues discussed at the sixth meeting of the Board of Directors in February last year.

Other Sessions of the Conference of Chiefs of Trustees

While a meeting of senior secretaries was held last year as well, to deliberate on various governance and policy issues, this is the first time a national conference of this scale has been held, a second government official told News18, adding that this was in trends. from the prime minister.

Apart from discussions on points of the broader agenda, there will also be sessions taking place on the role of states in India’s growth story, the road to 2047 when India celebrates 100 years of independence, the Aspirational Regions Program, and lessons from aspiring district collectors.

Other sessions that will take place during the conference include Decriminalization of Petty Crimes for Ease of Doing Business, PM Gati Shakti’s Program on Infrastructure and Mission Karmayogi for Capacity Building.

Senior officials from the central government will attend the event in Himachal Pradesh. The state is due to go to the polls later this year.

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