Udaipur tailor murder case: Prompt action by state stopped accused from fleeing, says CM Ashok Gehlot

Prime Minister Ashok Gilot described the “beheading” of an Udaipur tailor by two men over a controversial post on social media as an act of terrorism, and said immediate measures taken by the state government prevented the accused from escaping.

Speaking to ANI, the Prime Minister said: “During a meeting with leaders of all political parties yesterday (Wednesday), there was a collective assessment of two things – one, that the perpetrators were arrested at the right time and were not allowed to escape… The second is the type of action they have taken. state government by registering the case under UAPA and exposing links with terrorist organizations.”

He added that the case was considered by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as it relates to terrorism. The Prime Minister confirmed that the Special Operations Group (SOG) will cooperate with the National Intelligence Agency. “I hope that the National Intelligence Agency will investigate the matter as soon as possible, which will allow immediate justice to be served,” he added.

He stressed how the incident sparked anger among the state’s residents. “I hope that the National Intelligence Agency will understand the sentiments of the public and expedite its investigations into this matter,” he said.

Meanwhile, a curfew remains in place in areas under the boundaries of at least seven police stations in Udaipur as two men, Muhammad Riaz and Jaws Muhammad, hacked 45-year-old tailor Kanhaya Lal in his shop on Tuesday and posted a video online . From the incident he claimed that the act was in retaliation for the last victim’s remarks made by former BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma on the Prophet.

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