U.P.: On-board vessel parties a rising trend in Varanasi

The party’s trend of onboard roll-on / roll-off (ro-ro) ships floating in the riverfront here early this year has gradually accelerated. “There are an average of 15 on-board ro-roe vessel parties being held every month these days,” said Vikas Malavia, director of the Alakananda Cruise.

Alakananda Cruise operates two Ro-Ro ships under the supervision of the State Tourism Department here – MV (Motor Vehicle) Sam Manekshaw and MV Swami Vivekananda.

“Bookings are made online to hire yachts. The on-board ship party lasts about two hours, during which people enjoy themselves. People will also be provided with on-board food, ”said Malavia. “People from cities like Delhi and Mumbai come to such parties, not just other cities,” he said.

“The Department of Tourism oversees MV Sam Maneksha and MV Swami Vivekananda. Regional tourism officer Keerthiman Srivastava said the Alakananda Cruise operates two vessels and has received good response from tourists.

Srivastava inspected the vessels on May 24 as part of a joint review committee with Rakesh Kumar, deputy director of the Indian Inland Waterways Authority (IWAI). Kumar said both vessels were well maintained.

The Ro-Pax (Roll-On-Roll of Passenger Ship) is a two-way boat that saves an average of 15-17 knots with an hour of sea transport time. Another first service in UP, the service aims to promote local and rural tourism, adding another tourist attraction to the city.

The Ro-Pax Ship is capable of carrying up to 200 passengers and four four-wheelers simultaneously. Both ships have all the amenities a passenger needs.

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