U.P.: National anthem recital made mandatory in madrasas

Recital of national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” was made compulsory in all recognised, aided and unaided madrasas of Uttar Pradesh from Thursday. Registrar, Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board, SN Pandey issued an order in this regard to minority welfare officers all districts of the state on May 9.

“As per the decision taken in the meeting of U.P. State Madrasa Education Board on March 24, the national anthem has been made mandatory at the time of prayer in all madrasas from the new academic session which started today (Thursday),” said Pandey.

Chairman, U.P. Madrasa Education Board, Iftikhar Ahmed Javed said, “ During the month of Ramzan, holidays were declared in madrasas from March 30 to May 11. However, regular classes started from May 12. So, this order has come into effect from today. All the teachers and students will have to compulsorily recite the national anthem along with other daily prayers before the start of classes from the upcoming academic session in all recognised, aided and unaided madrasas of the state.”

“The district minority welfare officers will have to ensure compliance of this order. We will soon come up with the mechanism to ensure compliance with the use of modern technology,” Javed added.

At present, there are a total of 16,461 recognised madrasas in Uttar Pradesh and 560 of them are aided by the state government. “The state government is laying emphasis on bringing madrasa students into the mainstream. That is why teachers of subjects like science, maths and English have been appointed in these madrasas and now the madrasa students will feel more attached to their motherland with the singing of the national anthem every day,” Javed further said.

General secretary, Teachers’ Union Madaris Arabia, Diwan Saheb Zaman Khan said, “Till now, in madrasas, usually ‘Hamd’ (praises to Allah) and ‘Salam’ (salutations to Muhammad) were recited before the start of classes. In some places, the national anthem was also sung but it was not compulsory. But now it has been made mandatory.”

Minister of state Danish Azad Ansari said a feeling of patriotism is inculcated among those who recite the national anthem. “The government wanted the students to have lessons of patriotism along with the lessons of religion. Along with this, a biometric attendance system for teachers of madrasas has also been introduced as part of their modernisation,” he said.

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