Two Army personnel shot dead by colleague in Pathankot

A police official said the army chief shot dead two of his colleagues at the Mirthal camp in Punjab’s Pathankot district on Monday.

The 22-year-old sepoy shot two Havildars from West Bengal and Maharashtra in the early hours of Monday, the police official said.

The sepoy, who had been serving in the army for four years, had fled the scene leaving behind his service weapon, but was later captured.

Officials are trying to ascertain the cause of the shooting.

An army official with the rank of Nike, in a complaint filed with police, said they heard gunshots while they were sleeping.

He and his colleagues immediately reported the incident to the elderly and transported the injured to a hospital in Pathankot where doctors declared them dead.

The police official said that the police and army personnel started a massive manhunt and the suspects were arrested a few kilometers from the camp.

He said a murder case had been registered under the relevant sections of the Iraqi Penal Code and the Weapons Law.

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