Trump backs gun lobby, targets Biden: ‘If US has $40 bn to send to Ukraine..’ | World News

Former US President Donald Trump on Friday lashed out at the Joe Biden government over the Texas school shootings, suggesting that the country is prioritizing the war in Ukraine over security in schools. Speaking at the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual meeting in Houston amid rising calls for stronger gun control measures, Trump said the US government is focusing on funding for school security. “If the United States has $ 40 billion to send to Ukraine, we will be able to do whatever it takes to keep our children safe at home. We have spent trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan and got nothing. ”The former president said.

U.S. A recent $ 54 billion aid to Ukraine has helped Ukraine to rebuild the country.

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“The urge to turn away from the villains who commit acts of mass violence and put the blame on the shoulders of millions of peaceful, law-abiding citizens belonging to organizations like our wonderful NRA is far more disgusting,” he said. When referring to gun reform advocates. Trump also held a barrage against the Democrats.

The NRA, one of the largest gun lobbies in the country, continued its Friday program despite fresh concerns about gun control. On its website, the lobby said the congregation paid tribute to the victims of the Uwalde school shootings. “We have deep sympathies with the families and victims of this horrific and evil crime. On behalf of our members, we salute the courage of school officials, first responders and others who have offered their support and services, ”it said.

“While the investigation is underway and the facts are still coming out, we recognize that this is a lone, devious criminal act. When we gather in Houston, we reflect on these incidents, pray for victims, recognize our patriotic members and pledge to double our commitment to making our schools safer.”

The US witnessed the worst mass shootings this week when an 18-year-old youth, later identified as Salvador Ramos, opened fire and killed 19 children and two teachers. The horrific murder took place at a Texas elementary school in Uvalde, a huge Latino town.

Ramos quarreled with his grandmother and shot her severely on Ma y24. After she was shot, he drove her car to Rob Elementary School, where she was shot. The accused was later killed by police.

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The Uvalde shooting is the deadliest in the United States after the fatal shooting of 20 children and six staff members at a Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

Soon after the horror unfolded, Joe Biden tweeted: “Mass shootings like this rarely happen anywhere in the world. Why are we willing to live with this massacre? Where in God’s name is our backbone? It is time to turn this pain into action. (sic) “

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