Tripura court sentences man to death for raping, murdering girl

The Khoai District Court in Tripura on Wednesday sentenced a man to death for the rape and murder of a minor child in February last year. The District Court and POCSO Special Law Judge, Shankari Das, handed down the death sentence after a year of filing and trial.

Lawyer Bikash Deep, who appeared before the prosecution with Attorney Ajit Sarkar, said that in February last year, a 4-and-a-half-year-old girl disappeared from her home in a village in Telamura district. She was found dead with cuts on her body six days later.

Kalicharan Tripura, accused of committing the crime, was charged with rape, murder, causing evidence of the crime to disappear or providing false information for examination of the offender under Articles 376 AB, 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 6 of the POCSO Represents.

The District Court’s ruling came after Police Inspector Bideshwar Sinha, who was investigating the case, filed his communication, and the statements of 35 evidentiary witnesses were recorded.

This is one of the rarest cases. The victim got justice on our end. “We are very pleased to be trying to bring justice to the girl’s family,” defender Depp told reporters on Thursday.

This is the first death sentence ever issued in the Khoai County Court.

Earlier, in June last year, eight young men were arrested for allegedly raping three minors and an adult woman in West Tripura district.

Tripura was once called the capital of crimes against women. In 2010, 46.5 percent of all recorded crimes against women were from the state, then the highest percentage in the state according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports. Seven years later, in 2017, the numbers dropped significantly with the country ranking 14th in crimes against women.

According to the 2021 Home Office report, Tripura Police arrested 207 people accused of various crimes against women in 10 months from September 2020 to June 2021. A total of 240 cases related to crimes against women and 128 cases of rape were filed in this period according to the report. This included 111 cases of harassment and rape.

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